The OpenTrails Course

Hands-on training for adopting OpenTrails in your community.

Expert-led training offered by Trailhead Labs.
Sponsored by Code for America and the National Recreation and Park Association.

Affordable Training for Governments

Make maps visitors can use.


Interactive maps for your website. Apps for mobile devices.
Data that is easy to share.

OpenTrails is an open data format for your trail data. It enables your agency to create high-quality interactive maps, combine your data with other agencies in your region, and provide well documented open data to web and app developers.

Hands-on learning

Three weeks focused on outcomes.


The OpenTrails Ecosystem

Join the OpenTrails community. Together, we'll review the OpenTrails data specification in-depth, learn about existing tools and apps, and set goals for using your data.


Evaluate & Convert Your Data

Get expert evaluation of your GIS data, and assistance preparing it for conversion to OpenTrails. The Trailhead Labs team will also help you understand how to best incorporate OpenTrails into your existing data workflows, minimizing additional effort. At the end of week two, you'll have your data in OpenTrails and visualized in an interactive map.


Plan to Publish Your Data

Get assistance mapping out your workflow for publishing OpenTrails data to web maps, apps, and the open data community. Identify agencies you'd like to create regional maps with. Learn from your peers about how to incorporate OpenTrails into your daily business.

Meet your instuctors

Learn from OpenTrails experts.

Lyzi Diamond

Lyzi Diamond

Lyzi Diamond is a geographic information systems analyst, technical/educational writer, and front-end developer. Most recently, she worked in GIS/technical writing for the Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries. She also helped organize women-focused tech and map-related events in Portland.

Jereme Monteau

Jereme Monteau

Jereme is the CTO of Trailhead Labs and key technical advisor to the OpenTrails specification. A keen interest in outdoor activities of all kinds and a talent for mastering new technologies as fast they are being created. He is a core contributor on many OpenTrails open-source projects.

Ryan Branciforte

Ryan Branciforte

Ryan is the CEO of Trailhead Labs and a key contributor and evangelist of the OpenTrails specification. During his career working for mostly public agencies and non-profits, Ryan has always and continues to have a passion for using technology to do good conservation work and get people outside.

Alan Williams

Alan Williams

The OpenTrails project lead and facilitator, Alan works as a designer, developer and product manager to build and grow software that delivers public services with dignity and grace.

Get your agency started with online map making.

After the Course

Get your maps and apps ready for the Spring season.

After the OpenTrails Course, you'll have access to a wealth of resources. Documentation, guidebooks, and demo apps will prepare you for using your OpenTrails data in visitor-facing apps and maps.

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