With Phil Ivey doing edge sorting and Ben Affleck doing card counting, advantage players were getting noticed. These players make us think of God of Gambler’s main character who keeps winning. As gamblers we will be inspired when flesh and blood comes close to a fictional character from the movies. Both Ivey and Affleck had forked in a hefty sum in their latest breaking news stories.

The laws protect gamblers but ensuring they get a fair game from the casino. “The law also serves to protect the casinos from being victimized by advantage players. It allowed casinos the right to show advantage players the door. ~ SavySeph” I am amazed that another two organizations had been exercising this right recently.

OGC club
Dana White, the president of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), was given the boot by Palms Resort & Casino. White told the Las Vegas Review-Journal on 1 June 2018 that he “beat them for (nearly $2 million), and they asked me not to play anymore.” The casino actually reduced his limit from $25,000 a hand to $5,000. For White, this is as good as showing him the door.

In a separate incident, William Hill bookmakers banned John Harrison, 56, of Canfield Road, Brighton from their betting shops across the country. The letter from William Hill stated that the firm “no longer wishes to accept” Mr Harrison’s bets following a “review of trading arrangements”, the Argus reported on 2 June 2014. The bookmaker even had the cheek to include “in the event that you succeed in gambling with us, we reserve the right to make any such bet void.” in their letter.

I can’t help but wonder if SavySeph’s webpage began the trend of banning advantage players. This is not the first time she pulled such a feat off. Regardless of her degree of influence on gambling companies, the webpage (published on 9 May 2014) had created awareness on the rights of the casinos and coincidentally two gambling companies practiced it within a month. I think the pages deserved a tweet, g+ and fb-like so that it could be shared. I appended the buttons for that page below.

Test your luck
I also had an inclination to think that it could be one of SavySpeh’s latent predictions. After all she covered using intuition and clairvoyant to gamble. She also recommended the use of meditation to control gambling emotions. These paint a mystical impression among her readers. I will cover the first time she pulled a similar feat off in my next blog. For now I will go with the prediction that casinos will abuse their privilege of denying advantage players.