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Parks and trails are a cornerstone of public health and quality of life. The Open Trail System Specification (OpenTrails) helps citizens get outdoors to enjoy them.

What is OpenTrails?

The Open Trail System Specification (OpenTrails) defines a simple, common format for public trails and associated geographic information. OpenTrails allows public land agencies to publish their trail data and developers to write applications that consume that data in an interoperable way.

How Do I Get Started?

OpenTrails Course Materials

Media and Presentations

Projects You Can Get Involved In

  • OpenTrails Project Ideas - A place to collect idea descriptions for OpenTrails.
  • OpenTrails Importer - An Open Source OpenTrails data importer for iOS.
  • OpenTrails.js - An Open Source JavaScript library for parsing and querying OpenTrails data.
  • OpenTrailsEmbed - An Open Source HTML5 embeddable interactive map for presenting OpenTrails data.
  • PDX Trails - An Open Source iOS application for finding and navigating Portland area trails.
  • To the Trails - An Open Source web application for finding and navigating OpenTrails data for the Summit County Ohio region.
  • Trail Editor - An Open Source application for enabling the contribution of trailhead data from the field.
  • Trails Mobile - An Open Source PhoneGap application for finding and navigating OpenTrails data for any region.
  • Transit & Trails - An application (soon to be Open Source) for finding, planning and sharing transit accessible outdoor recreation.
  • OpenTrails Mobile Android - Latest build of the Android version

Commercial Products You Can Use

Organizations That Support OpenTrails